With many years of experience in processing vegetables, bulbs, and preserved products. F&G Vietnam Food Co., Ltd has created as a pioneer in Vietnam canned vegetable.

   We are one of the leading experts in the fields of fruit and vegetable processing and preserving in Vietnam. Our well-known products studied and processed by companies include: cucumber, cornichons, litchi, pineapple, eggplant, chili, corn, grain of corn, onion, lotus root, tomatoes, etc... Our products are not well known and preferred by many years in the domestic market but also other major markets around the world such as Korea, America, Russia, France, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, Mongolia, etc...

    Thanks to the plentiful source of vegetables and fruits in Vietnam, our research activities to make quality products with various tastes and flavors have been conducted in our company. Products of the company contains rich cultural folklore of culinary of Vietnam, in accordance with the taste of customers. All products are ensured with quality standards and safety requirements of food processing. We constantly rise and meet the rigorous regulations of international customers during the past years.

    With our motto: prestige, safety and quality, we strongly promote the cooperation of business and associate investment in production, expanding markets, and distribute products to individuals and businesses at both national and international markets.

     Besides the manufacturing sector, exporting of agricultural products, we have many years experience in importing and exporting general products with dynamic, enthusiastic, experienced staffs. Our business is absolutely trusted by international customers.

    We always try our best to improve our product quality by modernize our production systems and fully comply with the regulations of ISO, HACCP, FSSC creates best value for customers.

Office: Thongtan Building, Xuanphuong Ward, Namtuliem District, HaNoi, Vietnam
Factory: Kimtan Commune, Kimthanh District, Haiduong Province, Vietnam
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