This group consists of pickled canned/jar. High quality of products is preserved by selecting and buying vegetables with great care. Constant communication with growers, jointly selected seeds, controlled usage of fertilizers and pesticides. Our most popular product is Pickled Cucumbers. Main customers from Korea, Japan, Netherland, Australia, Brazil, America... and many other conuntries.
Our line of products: 
Pickled cucumber in jars
Pickled cucumber in canned
Pickled sliced cucumber
Sweet baby dill pickled
Sliced sweet pickle cucumber (Korea)
Sweet relish cucumber
Cucumber in acid acetic
Salted cucumber (salted 22%)

Jar: 540ml; 720ml; 900ml; 1500ml;
Tin: 15Oz; 20 Oz; 30 Oz; 3Kg;
Barrel: 220 liters; 240 litters
Wooden case: 36kgs; 100kgs; 350kgs; 500kgs

Baby cucumber: April; November
Vietnam cucumber: All year.