Pickled cucumber slices in jar

Bottle size: 380ml; 540ml; 720ml; 900ml; 1500ml
With cucumber sizes: 2-5cm; 3-6cm; 4-7cm; 5-8cm; 6-9cm... and Local cucumber.
Price: Contact

* Product Name: Pickled Cucumber Slices in Jar

+ Type jars: glass bottle 
+ Bottle size: 380ml; 540ml; 720ml; 900ml; 1500ml
+ Cover: Blue, Red or cap in Logo 
+ Size of cucumber: depends on boottle size
+ Type of cucumber: Slices (3-5mm or more)
+ Weight: depends on bottle size
+ Packing: 06 or 12 jars/carton;
+ Acid: 0.35-0.55% (acetic acid) 
+ Salt: 2.4-2.6% (NaCl) 
+ Brix: 5.0-6.0% 
+ Spices: celery, carrots, sugar, pepper, garlic
(or Customer's formula request)
+ Expiry Date: 02 years 

* The label: Owner | or Customer's label 
* Pricing: Contact (via email contact@ttf.vn)
* Payment: TTR or L/C...
* Minimum order: 01 20-feet-container
The season: April; November (Order before crop 1 month) 
* Shipping: A month after customer placing an order 
* Delivery in: FOB (Haiphong port, Vietnam) | Or CIF, CFR